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Bunnylicious Australia produces hand made treats for rabbits and guinea pigs using the finest freshest organic ingredients. 

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As a small home-based business we would like to help other bunny lovers to be able to feed their rabbits and/or guinea pigs delicious hand made treats using the finest and freshest organic produce. We also use Oxbox Timothy Hay and Oxbow Pellets which are in our opinion, the best quality available. We do NOT use any binders or fillers, hence our treats will be crunchy and some recipes may be crumbly, rest assured there will be nothing left when your loved one finishes their treats though as they will always be fresh and yummy! Being oat-free, our treats are the perfect guilt-free treat or reward for your pets.

Customer Service and satisfaction are one of our top priorities, you will be served with the utmost care and discretion when shopping at Bunnylicious Australia. 

We have five rescue rabbits in our family; Sapphire, Spice, Poppy, Benny and Panda. All products made go through rigorous testing and must pass our quality control taste testers before being offered to your family. 

We have just taste-tested a range of Bunnylicious Australia bunny treats and Bella, Bertie, Beatrix, Maverick, Monty & Mimi just inhale these as if they’d not been fed for days! 😂As a very fussy bunny mummy, I’m particularly happy with these treats, as they are all oat-free and made with organic Aussie fruit & veggies! Can’t wait for our next order!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 stars from Palais de Lapin #supportsmallbusiness #homemade

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The Bunnylicious bunnies have been testing all these healthy treats for you and have given them the ‘paws up!’ We hope your precious bunnies and piggies enjoy our lovingly crafted oat-free treats made with fresh, seasonal, organic Australian-grown fruit & veggies combined with Oxbow pellets & Timothy hay. Our introductory range is small, but we look forward to working with you and your bunnies & piggies, to create some very special blends to tempt even the fussiest of fluffies.


At this point in time all goods are available to be purchased online, as well as a variety of Bunnylicious favourites at the famous Adelaide Bird and Exotic Vet Centre at Richmond. In the near future we are looking at having our products stocked at various veterinary surgeries around the Adelaide metropolitan area. 

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